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“We’ve had numerous projects that were handled quickly and professionally. We have practically used all the services they provide and have been completely satisfied.”

Burl Griffith

City of Forth Worth


“We require quality, tradability, and on-time delivery. They have been consistent in their quality and for our tight specifications. They have a very high on-time delivery score.”

James L/ Kinnear

Machine Specialties Co., Inc.


“If we have a hot job, they are always willing to help us so we can help our customer. Also, their quality of work has always been top notch. They go above and beyond to ensure our parts will be to the standards we need them to be.”

Misty McCoy

Central Dynamic Mfg., Inc.


“Their years of experience ensures that I get a quality product and great delivery. I am amazed at the different types of machining and processing capabilities they have to offer at one location. They get a top rating from me for the work they have done. Keep up the great job!”

Cindy Pruitt

Lockheed Martin

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