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Industries Served

• Aerospace

• Military

• Medical

• Robotics

• Automotive

• Agriculture

• Oil and Gas



• Steel

• Aluminum

• Titanium

• Cobalt Chrome

• Inconel


Our Facility

• 40,00 sq. ft.

• 70 machines

• 30 Skilled Machinists

• 60 Years of Experience

• Fully CNC Equipped

AGS Additive Manufacturing is a third-generation, veteran-owned manufacturing company based in Fort Worth, TX. Our unique combination of 3D printing technology in metal and CNC machining gives us a distinct advantage in producing parts and protoypes that meet the stringent standards required for industries such as aerospace, military, medical and robotics. For example, our engineers 3D printed a complex dust filter on behalf of Blazetech Corp for a NASA mission to Mars, a piece that is impossible to make any other way. 


Our laser powder bed fusion 3D printer holds tight tolerances, saves assembly time and provides rapid prototyping at low cost. From CAD models or prints, we can create parts in steel, aluminum, titanium, cobalt chrome and inconel. Once a prototype is green-lighted for production, AGS has a full CNC-equipped, 40,000 sq. ft. machine shop with over 60 years of experience and 70 machines for large-scale production. As part of Goold Holdings, AGS has additional capabilities with our sister companies: Southwest Industrial Services Inc., AAA Canlines and AAA industrial Chromium Company.

AGS Additive Manufacturing process
AGS Additive Manufacturing facility, Fort Worth Texas
AGS Additive Manufacturing family photo
Kevin Goold operating metal 3d printer



Established in 1955, we provide machining and grinding services in a 40,000 sq. ft. facility with over 60 machine tools. Our inspection/programming department is fully equipped with CAD-CAM design and reverse engineering capabilities.

AAA Chromium logo

Established in 1999, Canlines specializes in improving can-making and can-decorating equipment. With more than 700 products, we combine canning industry expertise with the manufacturing support of AGS, SWIS and the plating services of AAA Industrial Chromium Company.

AAA Chromium Co. was established for the hard-chroming of new manufacture printing press rolls and the repair of printing cylinders, equipment components and hydraulic rams.

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